I am Ryan Eugene Field, or as I have come to be known across various accounts, refield.  If you’re following me over here from DA, you know what to expect, but if you’ve found my work for the first time, maybe not so much.  If you’ve clicked over from Minds, I thank you for not being lazy, and I apologize for the lack of memes.  I have often described myself as an amateur poet and author in the past, and I think that description still holds true.  So far as my poetry goes, I am currently trying to challenge myself by writing a poem a day, and as you can probably guess, this causes a wide range in quality, from atrociously lazy, to something I would honestly take a measure of pride in.  When it comes to prose, I have higher standards.  I refuse to post anything with which I am dissatisfied, which means the stories you read here will be in general, fairly good.  You, dear reader, shall find the subjects I tackle to be quite disparate, from cute little stories about or aimed toward children, to heart wrenching dramas, to heart-pounding adventures, to the glory and terror of nature.  I hope to capture your attention with every new post.


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