If you want more cat people in the pet club,

It’s important that we understand what they want,

For instance cats don’t like to go out to walk,

And a game of fetch would make them balk,

While dogs and their owners won’t feel any daunt,

The very invitation to cat people feels a snub.


How dare you discriminate against cats,

Cats are not genetically inferior to dogs,

You filthy bigot you’re out of the club,

And your suggestions we’ll be quick to scrub,

Your name is stricken from our logs,

Blame the anti-cat hood among your hats!


Hey there loyal Refielders I was maybe going to have a nice little introspective poem followed by the exploration of some abstract concept to broaden both of our horizons today, but Google went more nuts than a squirrel with a cocaine addiction in a walnut orchard.  A highly qualified engineer with multiple science degrees and years of successful project management under his belt typed out a well sourced memo detailing some problems he’d identified with the workplace, but seeing as this was in the People’s Republic of Silicon Valley, wrongthink could not be tolerated.  Since he dared to claim that visible diversity for the sake of appearing diverse isn’t actually a moral or economic good, the twitter lynch mob descended on him faster than a fat kid on the last Twinkie in the store.  Even worse, he blasphemed against the doctrine of the big bad boogieman, I mean Patriarchal discrimination keeping women out of management and STEM.  He politely and couched in the softest possible language had the gall to point out the hate fact that personality traits are not evenly distributed among men and women, which might account for at least some of the disparity.  His final sin was the accusation against the Holy Order of Google of being a “progressive” echo chamber, and that they were discriminating against conservatives, and fostering a culture of public shaming for wrongthink.  Despite these obvious deviations from being a decent human being, he’s being accused of saying things quite different to his actual blasphemy!  He’s being called racist, sexist, and accused of saying that women are genetically unfit to work for Google!  If we’re going to burn the witch, let’s at least burn him for the correct witchcraft.


2 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs

  1. What….what the hell?

    What did he?

    I gotta read the article…

    I’ll be right back.



    Reading Completed. Commencing Comment….

    Okay…so….he spoke truth to power and those in power didn’t like that.

    I dunno how this will be resolved, but it’s clear that people need help.


    1. He has some legal options and he’s gotten some job offers from less insane employers. As for the larger problem, I’ve deleted Chrome and switched back to Firefox.


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