Through greed and foolish choice,

He was on an unfit boat,

But the truth about him isn’t given voice,

And his corpse is used to change the vote.


Through hatred and evil acts,

She prayed in her church,

She wasn’t saved from the attacks,

But to know about her you’d have to search.


I have seen the juxtaposition of a pair of corpses circulating some of the right-wing accounts I follow.  This image had a profound effect on me, and completely tanked my creative ability for two days.  The reason is that the corpses belong to children.  I hate propigandization of children, and especially of their deaths.  The first child was the little boy who drowned and washed up on the shore of Turkey, and whose death was the impetus for opening the hearts and boarders of Europe, thanks to its wide promulgation by the mainstream media.  The other corpse belongs to a little girl, her blue dress spattered with her own blood, and her head lying on the floor next to her.  She was one of the Christians in Syria who were viciously murdered by the so-called moderate rebels getting US support.  Why did you know about one and not the other?


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